5 Seductively compelling reasons why I should be your Coach!

Oh my Gosh, there's no time to waste! Why? Well, because...ok, everybody just calm down! Let's start off with a big shout out to all our new listeners, well technically readers, but since you can hear these words in your own voice in your head, I'm gonna go with listeners, and let me tell you I am absolutely wrong on that issue. See? I can admit when I'm wrong. Not the easiest thing to do for a guy with such an awesome range of talents including over exaggeration, hyperbole, and modesty.

See, the thing about lists like this, is that you get to sort through them at your leisure, and tick off the ones that apply to you, and then file them away under the "should really do something about that list, but for one reason or another am a bit scared to try" section of your things to do in life folder. My initial question is why are your folder names so long, and my next question is, what if I could help you overcome that fear?

Well I'll tell you what, you have a look at these 5 reasons, and if they ring that internal bell, and make you smile, perhaps you give me a call.

1. The world is changing around us very quickly.


There is a saying: " Each time you blink, and open your eyes, you remake the world afresh".

How's that for quickly? Whilst this saying draws attention to the assumption that you have some say in the way the world is constructed, it probably speaks more to the idea that it is you yourself who determines the world in which you live, as opposed to laying blame at your door for opening your eyes and suddenly millions of people don't have clean drinking water, and War, Famine, Pestilence and Death are all practicing their equestrian arts all over the shop.

No, I'm talking about the fact that technologically, we are advancing at an exponential rate, and there is a real danger of what people in the 1960's would refer to as "Future Shock". For life, education, and personal development, there is a dizzying array of information available to us to help us integrate into the techno present, with no real insight into how this affects us or our relationships with others. There's no App. I checked.

So how does one cope in such a tech heavy society, that spends little time advancing the skills one needs to enable interaction with others both socially and professionally? I'll tell you how, you get a coach! If you have someone who can help you to seamlessly incorporate new thinking and behavior into your life, you will find, that in the end, you do what you can do. You DON'T amass an army of super nuns, armed with water pistols filled with Holy water, ready to take on the evil genius about to steal London and relocate it off the coast of Corwall. I mean why would you? That's just a dumb idea, that guy's gonna fail, so you probably wouldn't bother, but more importantly, you realise, that your entire outlook is what you can change. For the better. With me. Changing your outlook affects the world you create when you open your eyes. Sure it's just you that is affected by your new outlook and positive belief, just one drop in an ocean, one snowflake in a blizzard,

a zephyr in a storm. Yet if you are one, and others join you, not only do you change your world, but as a drop is joined by others to form Tsunami, as a flake becomes an avalanche, as a gust becomes a hurricane, so do you change the world for all.

2. People need inspiration.


Carl was especially pleased with the soul he purchased on EBay

What gets you going? What stirs up the rampant lion in you, that wants to hurl its 500 pounds of muscle and fangs headlong at a challenge? What pushes you to ensure that what has to be done is done? If you can't put your finger on the driving factor that makes you get up and go, then there is no better time to find out. A lot of the time people don't really have to, they find that someone else already does that for them. Well, not for them specifically, they just happened to be in the area and tend to get caught up in the movement. This can happen in a work environment, at school, even at home or among friends, there is always someone who has the ability to change passive into active. That person can be you. Not that you have to do it for everyone around you, even though you will be able to, I mean you do it for yourself. Mastering control of yourself has astounding benefits for your work, home, and social life. It benefits your health. It benefits those around you. As you become the person who is in charge of your decision making, as opposed to the person who is too afraid to commit to anything, or lacks the belief that they will succeed, your life takes on a new and interesting turn. What were once seen as obstacles in your life become challenges and feeback opportunities. The manner in which you process your experiences yield positive and encouraging affirmations, which lead you to want to try doing those things again. Its also infectious! Others, buoyed by your determination and self belief will become inspired to emmulate your attitude, and thus you find yourself becoming one of those people who sweep forwards in life, and like a bullet train coated in cheetah blood, your sheer strength of will drags others along in your wake. I have the techniques to make this happen for you.

3. The greatest exists within the smallest.


Brad used the broken piece of crystal ball to see where his next golf stroke would end up.

Who likes obscure references? Me too neither, and that's how you use confusion to build rapport with your audience! Actually, it was the Tao te Ching that first wrestled my interest to the floor, where the concept of emptyness to experience the all, really got my mind in motion. I loved the idea that the most useful part of a jug was the space inside, that the essence of its very nature was the nothingness that it contained. Discussing this with a friend, he hastily pointed out that he had nothing going on in his life, and yet somehow, felt strangely fulfilled. So having re explained what I was talking about, he drew my attention to the very nature of atomic energy - the spliting of an atom, to yeild a significant amount of energy, almost out of nowhere. Thus, he announced all of a sudden, standing up quickly and spilling tea all over himself, "The greatest is contained within the smallest!" It's a delicious little concept, and speaks to my thrifty side, in that its cheap, AND there are lots and lots of little things that have happened in life, which on closer inspection harbour monumental learning opportunities, and blueprints for future success. They're hard to find sometimes, but once you are attuned to seeking them out, they become a ready source of inspiration, motivation and strategy for future direction. Finding and utilizing these hidden gemstones is what I wish to do as your Coach.

4. Know Thyself!


Let's get Biblical, Biblical! Ha, see what I did there? Olivia Newton John. Who am I doing that for? Man, time is marching on. You know that save icon on your computer? It's a floppy disc. Remember those? No one under 20 does. Anyway, know thyself, is a principle that forms the core of the work we are going to do together. If anything spectacular is going to take place during our time together, it will stem from your ability to understand what you do, when you do it and most importantly why you do what you do. People have habits, and these habits, which are pretty much neutral, are assigned a value based on the perspective of the observer. Some of us have created a view of ourselves and our actions which we see as negative. The feeling commonly associated with our actions may be fuelled by self doubt, lack of confidence, or a fear of negative feedback from others.

Isolating and examining these states, to realign them towards a more positive outlook on our actions will help raise self esteem, belief, and a greater understanding of why we make the choices we make in life. As we become more adept at isolating and negating self limiting behavior, we will find other, more useful tools to help us reveal a deeper understanding of self.

5. Risk, and the Uncertainty Principle.


Is he going: A) To the Olympics B) To fly C) To hospital.

Pick a card, any card. Is it...a birthday card? Well, I've never been terribly good at magic, except for the people who are now, even as we read this, completely freaked out that I knew they would pick that kind of card, which just goes to show that being a smart arse doesn't pay. Of course there is a chance that some of you actually thought of a birthday card, and to you I say this: if I didn't take the chance of you thinking that, you wouldn't be so surprised. For those of you who thought of some other card, say the...Queen of Hearts, you're now surprised that I chose the card that you were thinking of, even though you thought I got it wrong by naming the birthday card. Now let's not forget the rest of you whose card I didn't choose. Unlucky fella, better luck next time. You may not have won the grand prize on this occasion, but I'm sure you'll be wondering what the lucky winner is going to walk, drive, or possibly fly away in here today. Well I can now exclusively reveal, that so will they, because I'm not going to tell them. Anyway, this is about life. Your life specifically, and life, is all about risk. I mean it pretty much says so on the label. It's central letters spell IF. You simply have to take chances. What that doesn't mean, is that you do so without knowing the uncertainty factor. What happens if this goes pants over toupe? Clearly one must evaluate the risk. Yet if each time decisions must be made, and the decision maker has little confidence in either their ability to make the right choices, or fear of what others will think of them, the only option that gets chosen is the safe option. The vannila route. What do we learn there? How to stay as we are? How to remain fettered? Or should we develop such a high degree of trust in ourselves and our actions, that depending on any given situation, we make the right choices? To do this, we must learn to train, and then trust ourselves and our abilities.

As a coach, I will help you to develop your skills, trust, and belief in your abilities. Think of me as the Proffesor from the X Men Academy, without the wheelchair. Or the Academy. Or the Psychic powers, but with the same awsome hair style.

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