Shabazz Nelson

Motivational Coaching

What I do.

We ascertain the needs and desired outcomes of your child.

Then through the use of future projection, and attainable goal setting in conjunction with the use of available resources your child has, we coach them along the road to their success. 

How I do it.

I follow key Principles of Mentoring.

A constructive, and developmental form of support.

Clear understanding of confidentiality.

Shared understanding and agreement with the purposes of the mentoring.

Once we have established these with our clients, we assure you their lives will see incredible positive change!

Self Esteem

Value and worth are drivers for social development. Our learning experiences and personal insight will ensure your child can generate both to raise esteem. 



"Make  your story or you are history"

Genuine confidence and self

belief in your ability to change and


maintain interest in your journey.



Understanding experiential


learning on a deeper, emotional


level, allows a more profound link


with the process of positive



If :

  • Improving inter-personal and communication skills.

  • Promoting a better understanding of social interaction.

  • Encouraging a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

  • Teaching life skills and instilling a sense of belonging.

are skills you wish to gift your children, contact us, and I look forward to discussing your child"s impending success.

Thanks! Message sent.