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I have worked as a behavioural change specialist and coach to hundreds of academic and private clients, for over two decades. I have a unique style of engaging, enquiring, determining goals, and activating real change and success, helping to positively change the lives of each of my clients. 

I help clients experience empowerment when resolving current issues, creating coping strategies, and acknowledging client talents and gifts, which in turn encourage them to find new and innovative ways to utilise those talents.

We work relationally, allowing for a development of understanding and alliance, which creates the structure and safety for clients to be free to access their true self. Clients then create new goals and strategies for success, but with a wholly positive regard for themselves.

  • Strategies, models, and systems for helping you understand your needs.

  • Helping you unpack the reasons and values that compel you to act.

  • Offering structures and tools to assist clients in forming memory and retrieval links. 

  • Co-creating systems to help you recognise and apply your best strategies where you need them most.

  • Empowering you to challenge your inefficient strategies of old.


therapeutic coaching
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