I have a philosophy. I apply it throughout my life to all I encounter, and it's this: I have as much fun as I can possibly squeeze out of every situation I find myself in, so long as my words and actions do not in any way cause disharmony to others. 

Having said that, it's really hard to do it, but that doesn't stop me trying. 


I studied Law and Psychology, then entered the training field working with security personel on conflict resolution in the work environment. This led to providing training to management and staff in oher parts of clients businesses. I felt the tug of the entrepreneur, and formed a training company, which provides self esteem, confidence building and academic reframing for disenfranchised young people. I use a varied collection of techniques to get you to dissolve problems that were blocking your advancement either in your work or personal life, but as I said earlier, I will absolutely endeavour to inject as much fun into the process as I can, because what's the point in change, if you can't enjoy it?


Acting as a sounding board, I will challenge your thinking, stimulate your creativity, and provide you with tools and techniques to help you better manage difficult situations in your life.


I am a very experienced trainer and coach, I work all over the country mentoring and delivering motivational speeches to schools, colleges, businesses, and councils. 


It is my belief, that when a person values themselves, they can generate extremely positive and motivational states of mind, to achieve any specific goal in that persons life. I have spent years helping others apply this belief, finding the strength to develop the techniques to remove blocks in their lives and thinking that have slowed their progress. 


What you can expect of me:


Confidentiality - What happens in session, stays in session.


A safe zone - There is no judgement on my part.


Someone to listen - To all that you have to say.


Inspiration - I will fire up your engines.


Clarity - You will know what you have to do next.




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