London, UK.

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Transformative, authentic, life coaching.

Available Mon-Fri 9.00am -5.00pm

Connecting you with the tools and skills to achieve your goals.

 I can help you with :


Discovery, realignment, perseverance and powerful change.


Change the way you see and feel about yourself, to discover personal power

Self Esteem

Re write your personal power script and performance


Find the right state of mind to make the best choices for yourself

When I first met Shabazz, I was 15, and not very interested in school, work, or education. I spent a year being coached by Shabazz, and ended up gettting 4A*s, 4As and a B in my GCSE exams, so yeah, I'd recommend him.

Zhao Ouyang - Student


Shabazz Nelson

I'm a qualified coach and behavioural change specialist, a member of the ACT, fully insured and with over 15 years experience of working with clients from all over the world.

I'm caring and attentive listener, providing a neutral place to discuss your requirements and needs, as well as taking a great pleasure in seeing my clients achieve their goals.

Permit me to ease you towards accessing your unconscious patterns, evaporating blocks, marshalling your feelings, and freeing powerful resources to drive you towards your predetermined outcomes.

I found Shabazz to be an incredibly engaging and insightful coach. Having trained as a lawyer, it was initially difficult to apply some of the techniques to my life, as I found myself resisting on very subtle levels, yet with perseverence, I have mastered these techniques, and found them to be superbly effective in my career and life. 

Ken Leo Vice President EMEA Credit Suisse

  Book a free consultation

I offer a 30 min telephone consultation where you can let me know what you wish to work towards, ask any questions, and clarify how I can be of best assistance.

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, coaching will take place online, with telephone support as appropriate. 

Once restrictions are eventually lifted, you have a choice of consulting rooms for our sessions in either Highgate or Harley street.

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