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When I first met Shabazz, I was 15, and not very interested in school, work, or education. I spent a year being coached by Shabazz, and ended up gettting 4A*s, 4As and a B in my GCSE exams, so yeah, I'd recommend him.

Zhao Ouyang - Student



"I can't believe that I did that!"


How many times have you uttered these words? There are thousands of examples of you being brilliant at certain points in your life, but what if I could show you how to do it at will?


How many ways could your life benefit from being yourself at maximum efficiency whenever you decide to be?


Simple, easy to understand exercises that drive you towards the best you can be, at will!

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                     LET YOURSELF BLOSSOM.

                                               Hello, I'm Shabazz, welcome.




              YOUR LIFE.


   Ever feel that your life is not your own?


Work, study, kids, bills, and all round general responsibility to others, does it often appear that whole swathes of your week are taken up with the duties that you must perform for everyone?


How much confidence would it take for you to step back, take a deep breath, and command everything in your life to form an orderly queue?


Sometimes, the easiest thIngs in the world can give the impression that they are the hardest. If you feel like you are buckling under the weight of responsibility and expectation, that you are at your lowest, this is the time to take action, the time to take back what is yours. 

Let me show you how to release unlimited amounts of energy and drive, to give you the confidence to take back the control of your life.




          START TALKING,

          START LIVING.

Do others seem to have much more fun in life than you? Are they smiling and enjoying their working day? Does it appear that you can't get into the things that you have to do, because they just don't give you the spark that you used to get?

Do something about it NOW!


Allow yourself the time and dedication you deserve to manifest the life you are capable of living, enjoying not just the end results, but also the learning experience that in itself opens new avenues to resources previously unreachable.

This, is of course all talk. If you wish to make this more than just talk, then call me today, and together, let's release the world beater that lies within  you.

I have a unique, and easy to understand process for coaching, which will help you quickly achieve the changes needed to improve your life.

For positive, life enhancing coaching, start right now, and get in touch. 




Tired of constantly doing things for no other reason than you've always done it that way?


Do you feel like you are no longer steering your own ship?


Like lots of people today, it may be time to enlist the help of someone who can show you how to take control, determine the places that you wish to go, and then take you there. 

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